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ECHO OF DREAM | and this is where our dream ends.
and for we've been dreaming for too long. far, far too long.
5th-Dec-2020 02:41 pm - LOCK&LOCKED.
※ 東方神起  - waiting for rising sun.
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01.01.10 chocorynne → jaegiya
10th-May-2020 12:00 pm(no subject)
※ 東方神起  - waiting for rising sun.


16th-Feb-2013 10:54 pm(no subject)
※ 東方神起  - waiting for rising sun.
...uh, does anyone still use this thing? D: This place is so dead it's just so sad because.. well, LJ's used to be my life and you guys used to be simply my sunshine and man, it's been a year?

Raise your hand or something and I'll add you somewhere else. D: /trying to get back to LJ for some reason.
31st-Mar-2012 09:19 pm(no subject)
※ 윤호 - do not resist me.

hi friendlist! it's been such a long while! (:
anyone's still here? how are you doing?
i've been a bad friend, but give me another chance? ):

16th-Oct-2011 05:59 am(no subject)
※ 東方神起  - waiting for rising sun.

just when i thought i'm over these boys..
what is homin what is jyj, i only know tvxq! and yoonjae. and ksmgsld jungyoonho you're singing jaejoong's parts. i can't--